BMW i Sustainable Neighbourhoods Project

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Wallpaper* and BMW i are giving six creative teams the opportunity to help write the future of their urban environment. The cities of the 20th century were shaped by transport, public and private; the challenge of the 21st is to keep Megacities moving. Over the course of six months, Sustainable Neighbourhoods will explore, chronicle and research six different city zones, with the aim of defining a new infrastructural, cultural or social project that will scale seamlessly into the future.  The cities include London, Paris, Beijing, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Berlin with populations of 13 M, 2.1 M, 22 M, 3.8 M, 13 M and 3.4 M respectively.  follow me »

If you are wondering why BMW is co-sponsoring this event, a clue may be found in their marketing tag for the new “i” sub-brand – This is BMW i. Born Electric.  As Forbes recently wrote – BMW’s Newest Model Isn’t a Car 

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