LEED 2012: Update #1

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According to LEEDuser , USGBC has pushed back the second comment period on LEED 2012 to later in July.

Per the USGBC website:


1st Public Comment has closed: Period was open Nov. 8 through Jan. 19, 2011

2nd Public Comment: Open July 2011

Additional public comment periods will be held as needed.

Rating system ballot: Projected for Aug. 1 – 31, 2012

Rating system release: Projected for Nov. 7, 2012

As previously posted on this website, LEEDuser has been following the development of LEED 2012 with a detailed analysis of the many proposed revisions to the LEED Rating Systems for 2012. Please visit the LEEDuser site for a complete listing of their ongoing LEED 2012 Analysis.

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