Studio4 logo

There were reasoned criteria established for the creation of the Studio4 logo. First and foremost, what the design was never intended to represent was any signature that identified with the typical symbolism of green that saturates the environmental dialog today.

The stylization of primitive fish? My fascination with primitive fish art began during my first visit to the Caribbean. At some point, after bringing back trinkets of this art for many years, I became curious about these aggressive looking creatures, sensing something more than merely representing lives long expired. As I began to investigate my curiosities, I uncovered a few interesting facts that lead to this graphic creation for the Studio4 logo as, perhaps, the best symbolism of sustainability:

Hagfish have existed for over 300 million years, which means they were already old when dinosaurs took over the world.

The very voracious predator Lancetfish is found in all the oceans except in the Polar Regions.

The Arowana fish already existed in the Jurassic period.

The Frilled Shark, a deep sea predator and one of the most primitive sharks alive today, is a relic from the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Sturgeons, another survivor from the age of dinosaurs, were around in the early Jurassic.

The Sawfish is another survivor from the Cretaceous period.

The Coelacanth is the most famous of all “living fossils” because it is the best example of a “Lazarus taxon”, this is, animals that were supposed to be long extinct and are unexpectedly found to be alive; Coelacanths were supposed to have become extinct in the Cretaceous period, along with the dinosaurs, but in 1938, a live specimen was caught in South Africa.

These incredibly sustainable fish served as inspiration for a stylized symbol to represent the messaging of Studio4 LLC.

stu·di·o: any space where the creative mind exists.

The “4”? Very simple. Studio4 evolved from Studio3, a time when I was blessed with only 3 grandchildren.

The Studio4 logo design is the creation of Tin Bačić,  a gifted graphic designer specializing in brand identity and logo design, living and working in Zagreb, Croatia.

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