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Prior to the launch of studio4llc.com, and under the rookwood moniker, the Studio4 LEED Green Associate Guide had been made available to ARE forum members as a free resource. During the past year, many ARE members have used this study guide, taken their exams and reported back with recommendations for improving this and other Studio4 study resources.

– Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)
The CaGBC has reviewed Studio4’s study materials and found them to be an excellent source of support for the LEED Green Associate exam, even helping CaGBC staff pass the exam. As a result, the CaGBC entered into an MOU with Studio4 in January 2011 that provides the Council with the exclusive opportunity to make these resources available across Canada through the CaGBC website and the CaGBC study courses. Steve Dulmage, Director, Education & Training, Canada Green Building Council

– I have absolutely no doubts in claiming that I would not have been able to clear my LEED Green Associate exam without Studio4’s study guide. It helps extensively not only learning LEED concepts, but also sort of lays base for the next upcoming BD+C exam with guiding the reader over a LEED certification case study. In fact, I referred to the whole case study for the AP exam. The summary charts have also been really helpful and handy, and came into much use for revisiting till the very last 10 minutes before the exam. I would recommend with pleasure Studio4 to anyone who plans to give these exams. Thanks rookwood (areforum) for your materials and guidance. – Spandana Nakka, LEED AP BD+C, Stanford University

PASSED!!!… Exam: LEED BD+C combined exam, Study time: Just 2 days. (4 hours each day)… Scores: GA=189 BD+C=185… Here’s what I studied: – LEED GA & BD+C study guides (Personally, I found these helpful, but I know others do not) – Studio4llc study guide (GREAT! thanks rookwood) – Free practice tests from www.greenlearner.com – jonesb4

Hello Larry, Today I took the LEED GA Exam and I was successful thanks to your advise on how to become well prepared for the exam and your study guide was an excellent resource which I read from cover to cover… To my own surprise I got an score of 191… I very much appreciate everything you did for me – Hector G. Vargas

– Passed LEED GA exam with 200… main reference was Studio4 study guide, it’s a great resource and does a good job covering everything. – joncdn

– I want to thank Rookwood for his wonderfull study guide which was paramount in my cramming sessions, as well as general review after each credit was read in the reference guide. …and I truly appreciate the work you put into that spreadsheet. It really saved me. – pappy

Then I obtained Rookwood’s priceless Credit Summary Charts. For me, this was a great reference to go to for a quick answer to any questions that came up while I was studying. Definitely worth getting. Thank you, Rookwood!!! – clokleaf

– Passed AP – Rookwood sent me the chart two weeks ago and it was my ONLY study material. Well, leedusers.com also helped to understand backgound. – gunsng 

– Passed GA and BD&C Thanks to Rookwood! I usually don’t post but I lurked around for a month prior to taking my combined test. I found Rookwood on this site and I am pleased to say that thanks to his charts and study guide I passed GA with a 198 and BD&C with a 188. Some thoughts to pass on to others…Rookwood’s charts were by far the best thing I studied. It took me a week to memorize them doing 1 category a day. I took a few days off here and there from studying which I think was good because when I started studying again it made me confident that I did not forget the information. – swoosh17

– Passed GA Exam with 190! My study material…Studio4 Green Associate Study Guide: An absolute must have. Do not waste your money on the xxxxx study guides, as this covers everything you need to know. You must become very familiar with all of the reference standards listed at the end of each chapter. – MeganFan625

– Thank you very much for the summary chart it is absolutely invaluable. I could not have passed without it. I’d taken the test about a year ago and thought it difficult but this time around I was very prepared but was a little taken back by how really challenging it has become. – ukarch66

– Hi Larry, I just wanted to thank you again for the study materials and let you know that I passed the GA Exam two weeks ago with a 194 using your study guide and the green learner website alone. I’m now looking into taking the AP BD+C or the Homes Exam or possibly both eventually. – Rob

– Hi Larry, Congratulations on your new website, I along with thousands of other well wishers who have benefited from your LEED materials wish you a great success ahead for the website. – Mohammed Abdul Kabeer

– Larry, I’d like to share my sincere appreciation for your consideration and help. Your study guide was very thorough in covering all the necessary materials needed for the exam. I was especially impressed with the organization of the content as well as the application of the LEED rating system on your sample project throughout the guide. I’m happy to say that I am the first to have passed  the LEED GA exam at my current firm.  None of this would have been possible without your kind gesture. There’s no way I could possibly return the favor. – Jon

– Passed GA with 197…..Sat for GA exam over the weekend after studying for 1 week a couple hours a day after work….Rookwood Guide and Sample Questions (Single best source to study)….. Special thanks to Rookwood and Allison McKenzie (buildingmygreenlife.com) for their contributions to this forum – Xtiaan

– I read and took Rookwood’s study materials. He gives you a case study after each section which helped me understand how the LEED process works in a real situation. I like that it goes through one whole project from start to finish. Other study guides give examples for each section, but they don’t relate to any other examples. – WhitneyB

– Late in the game, I contacted Rookwood for his free study guide. This guy is a saint for not charging anything. He sent 3 pdfs for guide, practice test and an excellent credit summary chart. I think if you learned these docs only backwards/forwards, you’ll ace the test. I think you could spend a few days really taking this material in and sit for the test. – Ben5215

– Just passed the GA and BD+C…..I studied Rookwood’s great GA Study Guide (thank you!)….. Also, I found Rookwood’s suggestion to be able to write out the categories and their prereq’s/credits from memory before the exam VERY useful – Structuralsilicone

– I took the exam this evening (Saturday) and I am happy to tell you I passed with a 195 score. I work full time and was able to squeeze in evenings and weekends for study. My first study day was the day you sent your SG. I had Adobe Acrobat read me your text using the “Read Out Loud” feature as I sat in front of the computer. I didn’t order any of the USGBC materials, except I did download all the freebies from them and had Acrobat read me those as well. – Mike in San Diego

– I passed my GA test ! score= 181 Dear Rookwood, your PDFs were great- I studied for less than a week, on and off. Thanks! Victor

– I also used rookwood’s study guide and summary sheets (which i carried around with me everywhere) THANKS AGAIN!! REALLY HELPED!!! – Brittany

– Thanks Rookwood, your study guide was my first resource to review as I began studying for Green Associate, just in from passing with a 191, I also bought the GBES $50 package. Your guide is very good, and the practice is very good. Gracias. – Quiet

– I highly recommend reading Rookwood’s study guide and taking his practice exam. The questions on his practice exam were pretty similar to the ones on the test. His guide is very accessible. The only referenced standards I memorized were those he notes near the end of each chapter under the heading “Codes & Referenced Standards.” – ratty

– Passed the LEED GA exam with a 188 yesterday. Had Rookwood’s study guide and the GBES practice tests. Went through both several times. After approximately 60 hours, I thought I was ready. Thanks again Rookwood! Couldn’t have succeeded w/o your help! – ADKGREEN

– rookwood materials and questions. Go over from page to page once. Helped me at least several questions. Rookwood emailed me his materials. Thanks so much! – zc

– I also read Rookwood material (thank you a lot) He gives the best explanation for answers. – horizont