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Are CFL lamps ready for prime time?

As we get closer to banning the use of incandescent lighting and mandating alternatives, such as CFLs (Compact Fluorescent […]

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Social media history becomes a new job hurdle

Most novices launching websites labor through the perplexing task of trying to understand and implement procedures and techniques designed to […]

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Environmental Release of Mercury from Broken Compact Fluorescent Lamps

WARNING: Mercury vapor released from broken compact fluorescent light bulbs can exceed safe exposure levels! One of the […]

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Top tips for planning and building a green home on a budget

Eco-friendly construction involves the use of materials and processes that are resource-efficient and environmentally responsible throughout the life […]

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How to Install a Branched-Drain Greywater System in a Green Home

Although many communities regulate and/or prohibit private treatment of wastewater, this installation may be a suitable option where public […]

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What’s in a Green Building Product Label?

This recent article in Professional Remodeler, written by Michelle Desiderio, director of Green Building Programs, NAHB Research Center, […]

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Energy Efficient Home Landscapes

Trees are being cut down to make way for new single-family homes, which then often sit on bare […]

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Demolition or Deconstruction?

Demolition and Deconstruction – aren’t they effectively the same? In a sense yes, as each requires the removal […]

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Energy 101: Wind Turbines

Developed for over a millennium, today’s wind turbines are manufactured in a range of vertical and horizontal axis […]

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Energy 101: Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can generate clean, cost-effective power anywhere the sun shines. PV panels convert the energy […]

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