A-cero Ltd.

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We just added A-cero Ltd. to the list of Studio4’s favorite chillin’ websites. A-cero is an architectural and town planning studio, established in 1996 and home based in Madrid. An impressive website where you can easily be consumed by the stunning collection of contemporary, and modular architectural works, both commercial and architectural. 

Private Residence

 Wave Tower

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The Model Architect: Bart Prince

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The Model Architect: An interesting interview in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the studio and residence of Bart Prince, a world-renowned architect known for enthusiastically unconventional structures. Continue Reading →

a German Motor House

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Hot house or hot wheels? The Voglreiter Auto Residence is both! Designed by German architect Markus Voglreiter, this cool, compact house in Gnigl near Salzburg, Austria is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and it’s certainly worthy of a tour. Originally a ‘70s-style house, the architect saw its many challenges and opportunities, namely, transforming a house structure into a car! Beyond that, Voglreiter incorporated two separate dwellings to accommodate two generations of the same family. He also instituted a eco-sustainable three-liter energy-efficient heating and insulation technique to dramatically reduce energy consumption, all the while, adhering to building codes in this prime historic Salzburg location.

Link to Trendir Modern House Designs magazine article can be located here.

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