e-store product details

e-store product details

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Sample page details of the various materials for sale in the e-store

LEED v4 Green Associate Study Guide

GA v4 Study Guide: Table of Contents

GA v4 Study Guide: Integrative Process

GA v4 Study Guide: Location and Transportation

GA v4 Study Guide: Sustainable Sites

GA v4 Study Guide: Water Efficiency

GA v4 Study Guide: Energy and Atmosphere

GA v4 Study Guide: Materials and Resources

GA v4 Study Guide: Indoor Environmental Quality

LEED v4 Green Associate 101 Questions & 101 Answers

GA v4 101 Q&A: Questions

GA v4 101 Q&A: Questions & Answers

Canada Green Building Council

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) provides study resources to Canadians. They not only sell the Studio4 Study Guide and 101 Q+A, but also Flashcards (available in hard copy and as an Apple App) as well as delivering study courses in a variety of formats.

The CaGBC has reviewed Studio4’s study materials and found them to be an excellent source of support for the LEED Green Associate exam, even helping CaGBC staff pass the exam. As a result, the CaGBC entered into an MOU with Studio4 in January 2011 that provides the Council with the exclusive opportunity to make these resources available across Canada through the CaGBC website and the CaGBC study courses. We hope they contribute to your learning process. To register for a workshop click the education schedule, to buy a study product, visit CaGBC products.