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The Cloud Changes Everything

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The concept of cloud computing dates back to the 1960’s, though it wasn’t widely known among consumers until much later. Amazon launched their Amazon Web Service (AWS) in 2006 that offered cloud computing to customers. Microsoft has been working with cloud technology for years as well. Today, Google, Apple, and countless other companies are providing some type of cloud experience, such as computation, storage and services, usually as a metered service. The Cloud has changed the way we conduct business, as well as our lifestyles. Often seamlessly, without us even knowing.

It is ground breaking, the extent that “green cloud technology” is changing our way of collecting data and addressing environmental sustainability. Monitoring soil moisture so farmers know when to irrigate, reducing water consumption by as much as 50%. Monitoring air quality that will alert people with asthma where higher levels of contamination are located. If you are not familiar with this fascinating technology, GreenBiz sponsored this video at a State of Green Business Forum. The presenter is Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist for Microsoft, who is responsible for defining and implementing the global strategy for the company’s environmental efforts.

How the Cloud Changes Everything – Rob Bernard (Microsoft)

It should be noted that green cloud technology is not be confused with the generic term green cloud. Cloud computing, as we know and use, has come under assault from environmentalists claiming anything using fossil fuels to function cannot be green. This is known, is understood, and is being addressed.

Taking green cloud technology a step further, the links below describes work IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft are doing that will bring to us Green Cloud Cities.

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