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If you are just beginning to explore the world of green lifestyles, whether it entails a simple one-step-at-a-time approach in lifestyle adjustment, or something more committed like remodeling your existing home, or perhaps building a new green home, the ordeal can be daunting, confusing and frustrating. There are plenty of websites available today that offer advice and product selection for living green lifestyles or remodeling a room in your home.

However, if you are planning on adding a major addition to your home or building new, you would be well advised to seek advice and assistance from qualified professionals who have the knowledge and experience designing and building green homes. Even if you are not interested in a home certified by one of the green building rating systems, you should consider the fact that a professional can offer guidance and services that will protect your environmental commitment as well as your financial investment. This is much more complex than merely understanding that more insulation is better, or water efficient fixtures save money.

Look into the local resources available in your area for experienced designers, architects, home remodelers and builders. Check to see if there is a local Home Builders Association or regional USGBC chapter, or other professionals who have reputable green building credentials. Visit several websites, if for no other reason than just being familiar with the technologies and strategies offered today that address what is important to you. If and when you do meet with a professional, you will be better prepared to ask questions or understand some of the dialog. And please don’t be shy about posting questions on the family section of this website, or send us an e-mail at contact@studio4llc.com.

You may have noticed the absence of content with regard to transportation. The adverse environmental effects from transportation are well documented, but short and long term solutions are in dispute. Electric cars have fallen off the radar, ethanol certainly has been proven to be a bust, for several reasons, and the jury is still out on the immediate contributions, both positive and negative, from hybrid vehicles. Just drive responsibility and manage the amount of miles you drive, with whichever vehicle you feel comfortable owning.

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