Teran Residence – the design

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Note: Using Autodesk Revit BIM software, Rookwood modeled this rendering from the original project scope 

The site is approximately 23 feet in width at the front and 126 feet in depth with 25 feet of fall toward the rear, with approved side yard setbacks of 0 feet on the west (left) and 18 inches on the east (right). However, the foundation of the residence to the west is on the property line and poses a concern with the new construction jeopardizing the integrity of the old foundation. We get a bit of a break on the right side due to the fact that the Art Academy has a 2 foot wide x 20 foot high stone wall running parallel to the common property line, but 6 foot inside the property line, creating a no-man zone. The builder had been advised by his soils testing engineer that he should maintain a 5 foot wide zone where no heavy equipment

would be allowed to trespass. Apparently the old stone wall began to fail some time back and had to be reinforced with concrete buttresses and a concrete wall overlay in sections. The final plan places both foundation walls 1’-6” off each side property line. This required obtaining approval for site access to the rear from adjacent property that fronts on a street much lower in elevation.

The building footprint, small for a 4,080 sf building, measures 20’-8” wide x 72’-0” long. The foundation is designed with 10” thick x 14’-0” high, heavily reinforced poured concrete foundation walls pinned to (13) 36” diameter x 35’ deep (deepest) and (2) 24” diameter reinforced concrete piers, embedded 10’ into the bedrock below.­­ The location of the frame structure on the side of the sloped site created additional structural concerns that necessitated the design of an extensive matrix of interior shear walls. The soils testing and structural engineers were commissioned to inspect and report every phase of the site and structural work done under their engineering direction.

This home has (4) finished levels, including the finished lower level walkout. With the garage placed in front of the main four story rectangular frame, the client wanted a two car garage with a single 16 foot wide garage door. Unfortunately, the garage door width plus the width required for the front entry door was wider than what we had available, so the garage door had to be reduced to a 15 foot unit. There are rear decks at each of the (4) levels and the roof of the garage serves as a deck accessed from the main kitchen. This was not included in the original design. Level 0 is the lower level walkout and has a bedroom, bath and unfinished area; Level 1 is where the master bedroom and bath, laundry and garage are located; Level 2 is the main area for visitors and defines the kitchen, powder room, dining room and living room spaces; Level 3, at one of the highest elevations in Mt. Adams, strategically locates the family room, secondary kitchen, a den, bedroom and bath. The home also has a four level elevator.





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