Teran Residence – the LEED verification process

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Due to the extreme amount of site work and structural piering required, construction contracts are awarded early to the contractors necessary to get this work underway. Construction began while the Project Checklist was being finalized.

LEED for Homes requires regularly scheduled integrated team meetings, so a second project team meeting was scheduled for a final review of the Project Checklist, Durability Inspection Checklist and construction documents. The next integrated project team meeting will take place after insulation and prior to drywall. This is also the time for the first of two required inspections from the Green Raters. The final Green Rater inspection will be after project completion, unless the builder requires an additional meeting sooner.

The Durability Inspection Checklist requires both the Green Rater and the responsible team member sign off on each of the selected strategies . Since many of these durability items will be covered up when the exterior cladding and interior drywall is installed, the builder can provide date stamped photographs to the verification team (Green Raters). This begins with photos taken of the foundation drainage system, under slab gravel, vapor barrier, foundation moisture proofing, etc. and continues until all items have been documented.




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