Not All Green Buildings are Created Equal

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Yes, it’s true not all green buildings are created equal. For example, consider a commercial development where the developer decides to construct two buildings on speculation, each for retail or office use, identical buildings with respect to size and architectural style. A potential client for “Building A” comes along who is interested in saving energy, understanding the environmental as well as cost saving benefits associated with reducing energy consumption. However, a potential client for “Building B” has a legitimate need and argument for seeking the advantages associated with improving the quality of the indoor air, fully aware that these strategies will reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and improve occupant comfort and satisfaction. Here you have two identical buildings, but not identical green buildings. “Building A”  is focused on energy conservation while “Building B” addresses occupant health, comfort and satisifaction. As long as LEED Green Building Rating Systems remain optional, the client should be permitted to invest in whatever categories that are most appropriate to their business needs or environmental concerns.

Before we begin criticizing green building performance, we need to be informed about the targeted green goals of the project.

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