Neighborhood Design

The Smarter City

 “Organizations today are embracing a more sustainable approach to business – one that takes into account the environmental […]

The Smarter Building

One of the problems we encounter today when defining sustainability initiatives is that most everything associated with the […]

What is Smart Growth?

Smart buildings. Smart cities. Smart growth. What’s the meaning of all this “smart” talk? In the most basic […]

Are CFL lamps ready for prime time?

As we get closer to banning the use of incandescent lighting and mandating alternatives, such as CFLs (Compact Fluorescent […]

Nature Journal of Science Discredits Man-Made Global Warming

This should be welcome news for both Global Warming believers and non-believers alike, as a long awaited scientific study refutes the Global […]

Solyndra, Inc. announces plans to file for bankruptcy

Putting aside the fact that we the people have long debated the extent of government intervention in our free enterprise system, […]

LEED 2012: Update #2

LEED 2012 – Second Public Comment – Guide and Open Forum LEED 2012 proposes sweeping revisions to existing […]

Obama’s ‘green jobs’ fizzle

This is not intended to be a rant or a political statement – merely an impassioned opinion. Okay, perhaps the headline […]

Social media history becomes a new job hurdle

Most novices launching websites labor through the perplexing task of trying to understand and implement procedures and techniques designed to […]

Be Green: 10 Steps to Keep Your Employees Healthy

Article written by Barbara O’Brien,  20 July, 2011 Being an employer is more than just providing an energetic […]

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