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 “Organizations today are embracing a more sustainable approach to business – one that takes into account the environmental and societal impact of their activities. By factoring this accountability into their strategy, they implement new ways to source, manufacture, and distribute goods in a more sustainable manner, often while simultaneously lowering costs. And, based on more transparent and proactive engagement with employees, consumers and the communities where they operate, organzations are becoming better equipped to create products and services for a smarter planet.” Corporate Social Responsibility – IBM

One of the recent articles linked in the Current News & Events section, IBM’s Top 5 Predictions for Smarter Buildings for 2012, only touches the surface of IBM’s commitment to the role technology can contribute to helping develop smart buildings and communities. To see just how committed they are, IBM has provided this fascinating video presentation, The Smarter City, explaining how we can build a smarter planet – city by city – today. Topics range from Transportation/Traffic, Airports/Rail, Public Safety, Healthcare, Education, Energy and Utilities, Economic Development, to Social Services. Included is a short documentary and a HELP (?) section that explains how to navigate through the video.  

This presentation is an excellent resource for sustainable professionals at all levels. For additional information from IBM, please visit their website Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a major contributing factor to the viability of sustainable communities, and alongside IBM, Siemens is a leader in the industry. Claiming to have the world’s most comprehensive environmental portfolio, Siemens is a perfect partner in sustainable city development. With their longstanding expertise given rise to innovative technology for sustainable solutions in energy efficient buildings, water treatment facilities, transportation infrastructure, public safety systems and healthcare imaging and diagnostics. For additional information from Siemens, please visit their website Sustainable Cities.

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This post is part of Studio4’s “the smarter approach” series that includes smart buildings, smart cities, smart growth, and green cloud technology. The scope of the series, as well as the content in each post, will be updated as necessary.

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