Dangers Of Going Green

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Dangers Of Going Green is the title of a 2008 article written in Science Daily, where industrial hygienists found that mold, rot and corrosion are dangers that must be accounted for when builders construct energy-efficient homes. Moisture is an area addressed by green building rating systems for homes, as well as an ongoing concern for builders trying to find the right mixture of moisture/air infiltration control and, on occasion, local building codes. Improper evaluation of new products and strategies for controlling moisture and air infiltration can lead to homes being too tight, resulting in condensation, mold and rot. Most builders, for a variety of reasons, experience leaks and other unintended occurrences that cause moisture to penetrate the building envelope. Most builders are also aware of the measures required to mitigate potential issues related to wet insulation, damp interior finishes (e.g.; drywall, carpet), foundation walls, etc.    

Whether or not you are interested in green homes or green lifestyles, you should be aware that mold is a health concern and what steps can be taken to marginalize the causes.  Continue Reading →