A Final Word for the Children

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The promising news for parents who accept that their responsibility to environmental stewardship should include green education for their children is the fact that children are just that – children. Children are born with the innate ability to be inquisitive and caring. Take a child to the zoo or stroll along a path in the park or nature center and this becomes immediately obvious – their caring for the birds and flowers and most things in nature. Trees seem to be a natural habitat for children as well as animals. Providing the opportunity for children to nurture their connection with nature almost certainly guarantees success for the first step in their environmental education – awareness.

When children are taught from an early age the environment has an impact on their lifestyle and quality of life, they will begin to learn that their lifestyle has an impact on the environment. It is important for them to learn that how they and their parents live today will determine if their friends in nature will be around when they grow up. Teach them early why you recycle or turn off the lights when they aren’t needed. In time, when they become young adults and leave home, the values their parents encouraged will be instilled in their very character, and will almost certainly be passed on to their children. It doesn’t cost much – just a little love, caring and patience.

Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

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