LEED 2012: Update #2

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LEED 2012 – Second Public Comment – Guide and Open Forum

LEED 2012 proposes sweeping revisions to existing rating systems. If you don’t jump in and offer your comments, you will have no right to complain afterward. Our participation is important and LEEDuser has a great forum for doing so!

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USGBC has opened the second public comment period on LEED 2012, the next version of the LEED rating systems. This public comment period is scheduled to run from August 1st to Sept. 14th.

At USGBC’s request, LEEDuser has set up a series of forums on the LEED 2012 draft. These forums are both a chance to register a public comment or comments on the draft, and a place to publicly discuss the draft. Questions and dialogue are welcome and encouraged! (If you prefer to send your comment to USGBC directly, see the link below.)  

LEED 2012 is not limited to BD&C, ID&C and EBOM. LEED for Homes and LEED for Neighborhood Development are also open for 2nd Public Comments.

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