Off to the Clouds (computing), I Shall Go!

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From the moment the studio4llc website was launched, I realized my workstation pc and faithful Blackberry would no longer fulfill my requirements. 24/7 access, mobility options, pen and power are now the prime parameters for restructuring my operations.

For mobility, there seems to be little choice than to migrate as much as I can to the cloud. My available options here were pretty much pre-established, given my long time dependence on Microsoft and the decision to trade my Blackberry for a Windows 7 phone. And this is fine, as Microsoft has no equal when it comes to enterprise operations, IMO. Not that I have anything against Apple, other than the fact they cater to the general consumer market and are highly proprietary, and I won’t even consider letting anything Google near my computers. I’ve had a Windows Live account for a number of years, so all I needed to do was install additional Microsoft software.

Windows Live Messenger 2011, Windows Live Essentials 2011, SkyDrive, Windows Live Mesh 2011

To help with the cloud migration and Windows 7 phone selection, I have been following Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows. Spending the time to properly setup the cloud data will allow the Windows 7 phone to seemlessly sync all the Outlook calendar, contact and e-mail data when the phone is initialized. SkyDrive and Windows Live Mesh will keep all connected devices and data synced – computers, phones and files. Currently, the best Windows 7 phone appears to be the Samsung Focus which, unfortunately, is only available on AT&T. Verizon just announced their entry into the Windows 7 phone market, so I’ll need to make my selection with this carrier. This will likely be in the fall when the next generation of instruments are released with the Mango update.

Regarding a capable mobile computer, I had decided on the Lenovo series of tablets since I discovered they were capable of running my Autodesk Revit and Adobe software. Although the new slate type tablets are tempting, any consideration of Windows slates will need to wait until the Windows 8 OS is released in 2012.

So this begins my first cloud computing blog post as I continue my migration to the cloud and purchase a Windows 7 phone and tablet pc.

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